AskQV Search Box

New AskQV Features

You probably already know that AskQV aggregates posts from all the best Qlik blogs. It has now expanded with two new features. Read on to find out what they are…

The AskQV Blog

You have already found the first feature on our site. We have launched a blog. As we are the go-to source for Qlik blogs it seemed only right that we had our own blog also.

This blog is going to be for disseminating information about AskQV and the blogs it features. Look out for posts featuring specific blogs and also some information on the stats that we get from the blogs that feed this web site. I’m also keen to feature posts by guest bloggers here, watch this space…

What won’t be included here are any tutorials or apps, my blog over at Quick Intelligence will still be where I post these.

If there is something you would like to see featured on this blog please let me know.

Qlik Search Tools

A feature that we had on the site back when it launched in 2014 was search. A site upgrade (?!?) broke this and, as this is a non-profit side project, I decided to remove the menu item rather than spend time getting it working again.

Recently I asked on Twitter about what features people find most useful on AskQV. You can see the results of this here. One of the comments that came up on Twitter (thanks to Lech Miszkiewicz) was that Search was missed.

Rather than fixing the Search, I have instead created brand new search functionality for you good people.

Image showing the new AskQV Search feature.
The new AskQV Search feature

The default option is a search of all of the blogs that we feature and also everything that is on the site, plus a few other sites we have included. Let me know if I have missed anything on here.

There are also options to search specific sub-sets of this data. Perhaps you just want to search blog content, we have that covered. You can also search individual Qlik sites; Community, Help and Support. Obviously the latter of these have their own search functionality; but our search is powered by Google and, frankly, give better results than searching on the sites themselves.

Other New Features?

I am loading data from our RSS feed into Sense, and have the ability to write out HTML, so I am hoping to use this to drive some dynamic content on the site soon.

If there is anything that you feel should be here, but is currently missing, please let me know.