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At AskQV we bring you posts from Qlik blogs from around the globe. With a growing amount of content though, which blogs should you focus on? This series of featured blogs aims to help you decide.

New Kid On The Rock

Many of the blogs we feature on AskQV have been around for a very long time. It has been great recently though to be able to add some new blogs on various topics. One of the more interesting to be added is the wonderfully named Data On The Rocks.

Data On The Rocks

That is not to take anything from the other bloggers that have recently started put finger to keyboard. This blog is a bit different to others, in that it is authored and run by a team of Qlik experts from a number of backgrounds. These experts are pooling their talents to bring top-quality, peer-reviewed, articles for the benefit of the Qlik community.

Data On The Rocks Team Photo

The team was brought together by Patrick Tehubijuluw, in (in my mind at least) almost exactly the same way as Nick Fury brought The Avengers together. If you want to follow my analogy, I will leave it up to you to work out which of the team is which super-hero.

They are looking to put out a new post each week, and have already notched up eight articles by eight different authors in the short time they have been running (you can find these below). Big respect particularly goes to Kabir Rab (of Kids in Data) who has notched up posts on three separate blogs which we feature on AskQV in the past few months!

This is definitely a blog to watch, and also one to browse the back articles of (particularly if you are partial to the odd 😃 in your Qlik apps).

You can find the blog here: http://dataonthe.rocks/

Coming Soon…

As well as our featured blog series we are going to be publishing some posts of our own, with guest bloggers. We have something pretty special lined up for the first of these. If you have an idea for a Qlik blog post and no home for it, please get in touch.

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