AskQV Twitter Poll

How Do You Use AskQV?

AskQV was put together in 2014 as a way of bringing all of the best Qlik blog content together into one place. It has a curated list of active blogs, a dynamic feed of the latest posts (and massive archive if you want to delve back), a Twitter stream and an RSS Feed of all posts.

We are looking to make some improvements to our site, and extend the functionality it offers. Before we do that though, we would like to understand how people presently consume information from AskQV.

To that end we have put together a Twitter poll.

To access the poll please find the Tweet here:

If you have any other thoughts on AskQV and what it should be providing to Qlik enthusiasts please do let us know.

And the results are in!

Results: Blog 25%, Feed 27.8%, Tweets 36.1%, RSS 11.1%

So it looks like many of the people who consume AskQV do so mostly as part of their Twitter feed – or perhaps this is indicative of the fact that I asked the question on Twitter?

Either way it’s great to know people are making use of that aspect of the site, as that doesn’t show up in our Google Analytics. Surprised that more people don’t consume the RSS feed in other apps, such as Flipboard, but maybe we don’t make enough of the fact that is possible.

Please do get in touch and let us know about how you AskQV.